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November 28, 2012




It is said that blue and green should ‘never be seen’ but the serenity of the fabrics of Christopher Farr for Cloth, defies this age-old thinking. This is a sneak peak of a custom bedhead in ‘Carnival’ by Michael Szell from our New York apartment. There is such a sense of calm to this colour combination and large scale print that is takes no more than some soft white bedlinen, a simple vase of daisies and a Saarinen side table to provide freshness to a bedroom in the bustling West Village. Blue evokes sea, sky, and summer days, while green is verdant, fresh and abundant and evocative of all the good things about nature. When paired together, it is quite impossible to imagine feeling vexed in their company.

Credits: 1. New York Apartment by Arent&Pyke. Image courtesy of Anson Smart. 2. All other images Christopher Farr

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