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Fosbury&Sons’ shared offices concept in Belgium

We are in the middle of a great shift that’s taking place in the aesthetics of our work environments. With the dissolve of 9-5 work hours and a future form of professionalism that we can’t yet understand, there is an increasing demand for our work environments to be redesigned to better suit the modern, nomadic approach of workers, and to include materials that better support collaboration, wellbeing and productivity.

In their quest to respond to society’s changing needs, Stijn Geeraets, Serge Hannecart and Maarten Van Gool of Belgian studio Fosbury&Sons have taken an inspiring approach to the “shared offices” concept.

Their first communal workspace project space launched in Antwerp in 2016, and it is the quiet suburb of Boitsfort in Brussels that has become home to the team’s most recent installment.

Housed in a Constantin Brodzki-designed building widely considered a masterpiece of the seventies, the building’s façade was kept intact during the monumental restoration. With 756 organically-shaped oval concrete modules, the building has inspired countless designers since its inception, and seems a fitting location to house a modern, communal workspace of creative minds.

Materials of the interior were preserved and restored where possible, and the palette expanded to include gold-toned timber and abundant greenery.

The palette is emphasized by natural light, funnelled in through the grand glass window and saturating the building’s features.

A restaurant, bar, 15 flexible meeting rooms and an auditorium make for an innovative take on public office spaces – complemented by the lounge and snooker area for afternoon activity or repose.

These, along with private work desks and study nooks span across nine storeys, covering 7,000 square metres of inspiring spaces devised for a generation of people seeking respectful and collaborative working conditions.


Credits: Yatzer

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