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Denise Reytan

By In/Out
November 22, 2012




Denise Reytan is a Berlin-based artist & jewellery designer. ‘Living Memory’ is a range showcasing the sculptural quality of cut stones. She says, “I cut the stones in an intuitive way, guided by emotions and the moment. The stones and their forms grew from my hands and my mind. Thoughts converted into the stones. Thus, I got out of the stones, what was already inside them – and inside me. That’s why these stones are personal time signals or sculptural snapshots”. We like her savvy palette, the asymmetry that is a hallmark of her designs and her obvious respect for shape, colour and texture. There is real personality in each piece, and such careful consideration. When you look at her collection, you can’t help but match them up with people you know. Which one is your favourite?

Credits: Images courtesy of Denise Reytan

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