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Iko Iko

By In/Out
April 4, 2013








While it might seem unusual to see an alliance between handbag designers and furniture makers – this is precisely what Iko Iko is.

LA design project Building Block and furniture creators Waka Waka have teamed up to introduce a limited collection of bags that experiment with treated surfaces and shapes – or as they call it “a collaboration of bag and handle”.

Building Block is a multi-medium design project that moves freely between luxury and industrial design, where utilitarian materials and processes translate into minimalist forms. With the intent of magnifying essentials and editing out excess, Building Block finds continual inspiration in returning back to square one. With a similar approach to a different end, WAKA WAKA is a project focusing on furniture and utilitarian objects designed and handmade by Shin Okuda.

Together they create a limited run, custom order range of bags that feature time sensitive sun-tanned leather and prints, hand shaped wood details, custom tassels and more. Their aim to is to show pieces with an unexpected and inspiring approach. Iko Iko spruik unusual proportions, particular angles of lifestyle, and experiments with surface and shape as their key points of difference.

What we particularly like about the range is how they have really challenged the accessory genre, with an outcome that is so very fresh and finished in a material and colour palette which is highly desirable. Of particular note is their inclusion of spunky tassels that are light years from chintz in every way.

Credits: Sight Unseen

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