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Casas Na Areia, Portugal

By In/Out
April 8, 2013

If you are not one for camping, or perhaps not even glamping – but you still want to feel connected to the beauty of your surrounds in a visual and visceral way, then Casas Na Areia might be for you…















Casas Na Areia is located on the dunes of a small fishing hamlet in Comporta, Portugal. Designed by architect Aires Mateus, this innovative beachside retreat comprises four minimalist thatched-roof huts fashioned out of pre-existing wood-masonry. If you are a box checker – you can tick off ‘eco-friendly’, as this accommodation is green and sustainable, but here is the clincher: the floors are fine, white sand. Even in the living room! Now, before you start picturing sand in your sheets, the bedrooms do have concrete floors. The idea behind this abandonment of traditional flooring is a blurring of natural surrounds and modern architecture, as well as ensuring it is as peaceful as can be.

While the furniture inside is minimal, it is elegant and includes tables by e15, linen-covered sofas, and crisp white linen sheets. Cabins have their own bathrooms and are fully equipped with all the modern technological comforts you would want for.

Surrounded by beauty in every direction, there are rice paddies, umbrella pine forest, stunning sunsets, saltpans, flamingos, dolphins – as well as a pool and four bicycles at the disposal of guests.

It is always so refreshing to see holiday experiences that challenge our boundaries, as well as good design with a green attitude.

Credits: Images courtesy of Casas Na Areia

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