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Collection Particuliere

Resourceful Frenchman Jérôme Aumont handpicks his pieces, stand alone or congregated there is a shared language of the modern European…

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French gallery of lovingly curated furniture and objet, Collection Particuliere, is stocked with life accompaniments. Established in 2014 by Jérôme Aumont, his discerning eye has created a contemporary compendium. A common theme of bold clean shapes and warm materiality means each piece has an inherent tactility.

An ambassador for European designers the collection includes such coveted pieces as the ‘Brick Side Table’ by Grégoire de Lafforest, ‘Bos Vases’ and ‘Slo Bookends’ by Christophe Delcourt and ‘Tracks Bench’ by Dan Yeffet.

In his own perfect prose “Far beyond its function, every object tells a story as well as it is the beginning of a story with the one who chooses it. Its design and the materials that gave birth to it, the shapes it might call to mind are the many expressions allowing it to exist, to seduce and to last. The reasons why one will adopt it are as varied as intimate, so that it can turn into an object of company, an object of affection or belonging, cult object or object of curiosity. Because not a single object is to be reduced to its first use. Far beyond its function, it is a true part of the decor, its ambassador, and sometimes its signature.”

Credits:Collection Particuliere

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