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April 19, 2013






The 1960’s had a colour palette so immediately evocative that when seen in certain combinations in the present day it is immediately labelled ‘retro’, and the slightest glance will transport you back in time. The combination of turquoise, teal and mustard might belong to the flower children, due to it’s association with cultural awakenings, exotic spices, ethnic prints, hippy jewellery fashioned out of chunky amber and turquoise pebbles, set against the omnipresent dirty yellow that stood for this age. But this palette has a new sophisticated application, where modern design has taken the best of the 60s and applied it to the now. It still has that slightly exotic feel of being from another time and place, but in a new, crisp modern context. It is at once earthy and warm, but fresh and this is why it is still so successful.

Credits: Studio Pepe, Sara The Swede, Thomas Hobbs, Anthropologie, Catch & Patch, A Lovely Being, My Revelment, Brain Giniewski, I Got Stuff On My Mind, Interiorzine, Olsen Irwin Gallery, Design for Mankind, Pinterest, Designworklife, Leah Goren, Designworklife, Letterheady, Clashing, Catch & Patch, E-flux

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