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Design for Mirabel by ARENT&PYKE

By In/Out
August 1, 2014


Last week we were thrilled to be involved with Design For Mirabel, a collaborative charity event conceived by Diane Bergeron and the Mirabel Foundation. It was a real treat to step outside our usual parameters to create a temporary installation, one where everything could be dismantled and sold.

Jane Rowe established the Mirabel Foundation in 1988 after a tragic work incident. Jane, a councillor in drug and alcohol rehabilitation received a call to say that two of her clients (single mothers) had died from overdoses. She couldn’t sleep that night for worry about what chance their kids had. She knew there was a big hole in the system for support of the next of kin, the aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. who found themselves instant parents of very troubled kids. And so the Mirabel Foundation was born and still is the only organisation in Australia specifically supporting orphaned or abandoned children due to parental illicit drug use. ‘Every child deserves a childhood’ is their mission statement, the importance of which is undeniable.

Conceptually, we wanted to express one of the most treasured aspects of being a kid, that of creative play and what better place to start than at the heart of every family home, the kitchen! From there we endeavoured to carefully jigsaw together our ‘Cubby Kitchen’.

It was so very encouraging when we got on the phone that so many wonderful businesses both large and small really wanted to get on board and understood the importance of this valuable cause.

Arent&Pyke’s kitchen was built on the principles of love, hope and belonging. It is as much a real kitchen as it is an imagined cubby of comfort and fun. On either end of the kitchen bench sat a dishwasher and a baby blue fridge from Smeg packed with Edit‘s Fruit&Veg cushions from Sparrk. Our sink became a cobalt blue ceramic platter from Jardan‘s newly launched collaboration with the Fortynine Studio, teemed up with a rose gold tap from Brodware. Hay wire tables from Cult Design became our open shelves while Design By Them Butter stools held up our benchtop. Lighty gave us our over-bench storage with their Assemblage shelves and Spence&Lyda Gras Lamps highlighted the delectable coral and peach walls from Porters Paint. Galerie Montmarte brought some fun to the party with their vintage poster, soft mascots from Leo&Bella and Kidostore kept watch over everything. And the table from Jardan was circled by Seeho Su‘s Hiroshima chairs. It all came together with the finishing touches; Mr Kitly‘s sycamore ladels and terrarium, Ottis&Otto (oh my goodness those Bridget Bodenham cups with their golden handles), Gemma Patford’s rope platters, Douglas&Bec’s Spun Pendant, Dibbern tableware and copper Stelton jug from Safari Living, Shilo Engelbrecht‘s napkins and fabric panel, By Lassen accessories from Fred International and Hay glassware from Cult Design. And who could forget our cake (which arrived just after our photoshoot) from Beatrix Bakes.

Special thanks simply must go to the endless generosity of the long-standing support of our wonderful suppliers Cult Design, Spence & Lyda, Jardan, Seeho Su, Fred International, Dedece, Brodware, International Floor Coverings and Galerie Montmartre.

It was a truly delightful experience that refreshed our minds and hearts alike. It is us (all the designers involved – it was such a pleasure), you (the sponsors), Diane Bergeron and her team (special thanks you to Carmen), the event management, the transport and venue team, the volunteers (endless thanks to the very wonderful Louise), the generosity of the public and of course The Mirabel Foundation that are bringing positive change to our society’s future, the kids. All funds raised are being used to build a purpose built home for Mirabel designed by John Wardle Architects. It will be a place of comfort, hope and support for so many. Home sweet home!

Photo Credits: Marcel Aucar Photography

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