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An Afternoon with Li Edelkoort – Trend Forecast

The Arent&Pyke team recently attended Li Edelkoort’s Spring/Summer trend forecast. We left feeling aesthetically inspired and rejuvenated, ready to bring a fresh approach to 2018. The seminar focused on relationships between fashion, interiors, and sound as a way to communicate the trends and colours forecasted for this Summer.

To divulge our ideas, we re-cap on some of the key takeaways.

Entitled ‘Goddess’, Edelkoort’s seminar used seventeen of ancient mythology Goddesses to portray the evolution of fashion. Archetypes were used to illustrate new trends through expressions of tone, texture, and movement.

It began with Mother Earth, depicted with a focus on materiality; heavy-handed textures, sophisticated and sculptural drapes, pleating and gathering with new aged confidence. Also alabaster and marble stone, an off-white tonal palette in natural and organic hues.

Romance, lace, and frills were of course, indicative of the Goddess of love, Aphrodite. Light, pale and discrete; crystals, pink salts, blush. Baroque and grandeur yet simultaneously lightweight, cloud-like and feminine. Oversized earrings were chosen to express delicacy and character.


Colour palettes were conveyed through foods:

Salts – Hyper Light Pinks & Lilacs
Pulses – Medium Neutrals & Oranges
Herbs – Green: Sage & Peppermint
Preserves – Colours lacquered in shine: Purple, Mango, Orange & Red
Tea – Safari, New Browns, Earthy Hues

Interiors were shown that provoked emotional and personal connections for ‘The Spiritual House’. In search of light and in praise of shadows, aesthetics that enhance our experience of texture and tone.

Windows positioned to maximise light, pastels with metallic features and mood affecting colour therapy were described as tools in ‘searching for peace’ – a visual response demonstrating how simplicity and space can promote calmness and clarity within the home.

In/Out:Li Edelkoort

‘In need of concentration’ was conceptualised through Eastern Asian ideologies. Niche spaces created for additional privacy, using indoor plants, organic materials and textures, complemented by tea ceremonies, kimonos and fine paper lanterns.

‘Assembling extremes’ experimented with the harmonisation of different textures and hybrid materials, for example, kitchen countertops treated with timber and stone. Respecting natural resources and old materials reimagined to encourage consumers to value ageing properties and natural patinas.

In/Out:Li Edelkoort

The Li Edelkoort seminar was a clever interpretation of current trends. It provided exceptional insight into how colour palettes can be used to reflect moods and thereby create harmony between textures, furniture, and spaces. Drawing inspiration from food, nature and cultural histories and philosophies, the seminar expressed the extent which we forge an emotional and personal connection to interiors and fashion.

A seriously insightful presentation which has our creative minds thinking. Thank you, Li Edelkoort!

Credits: Den Holm, Johanna OrtizSarah Robertsson, Carolina Herrera, Arent&Pyke Darling Point Penthouse, Grace Lee Atelier, Six Project, Arent&Pyke Barcom Terrace

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