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By In/Out
January 31, 2014

In/Out - Palette: Concrete Jungle
In/Out - Palette: Concrete Jungle
In/Out - Palette: Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle – it’s a little crack of greenery in a Brutalist concrete wall, an oasis in the desert – it’s nature growing in the most hostile urban environment.

As a design concept nature continues to inspire. Biomorphic forms and organically-derived shapes continue to dominate in architecture, art and fashion. There is seemingly no end to the celebration of natural materials in design and today’s Palette celebrates the intertwining of natural and man-made materials.

Jamie North, a Sydney based artist – is mixing these two mediums to create sculptural poetry. A self taught horticulturist his fascination with plants prospering in adversity led him away from his photographic career into nurturing the growth of small bonsaied plants in seemingly dematerialised cast concrete pillars. Look out for North’s next show innerrouter at Sarah Cottier Gallery in March.

Here’s a visual homage to the built environment and our greatest life force – nature.

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2. That Unreliable Girl, David Taylor, Hermes, Josef Hoflehner, Jamie North
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  1. Matthew says:

    Ladies. This has to be one of my favourite palette posts yet!

    Absolutely outstanding! I’m forever dumbfounded by how you manage to dig up these gems and even more impressed by how you assemble them. The effort does not go unnoticed!

    Well done!


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