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June 4, 2014

In/Out - Chat in a Chair: Mr Jason Grant

Mr Jason Grant is a force to be reckoned with. His charismatic attitude and his bright and breezy “just-walked-off the beach” vibe is infectious. With creative talent as a stylist, as an author, as a brand ambassador and a collaborator, Jason has magnificently moulded a life where work and play are one and the same. With weather-worn, well-washed signature nautical colour tones Jason can be found styling a glossy editorial, dreaming up new colourways for Murobond Paints and sunny and styling away from Bondi to Palm Springs.

In/Out - Chat in a Chair: Mr Jason Grant

In/Out - Chat in a Chair: Mr Jason Grant

In/Out - Chat in a Chair: Mr Jason Grant

In/Out - Chat in a Chair: Mr Jason Grant

In/Out - Chat in a Chair: Mr Jason Grant

In/Out - Chat in a Chair: Mr Jason Grant

In/Out - Chat in a Chair: Mr Jason Grant

In/Out - Chat in a Chair: Mr Jason Grant

In/Out - Chat in a Chair: Mr Jason Grant

In/Out - Chat in a Chair: Mr Jason Grant

In/Out - Chat in a Chair: Mr Jason Grant

Mr Jason Grant has beautifully unraveled the secrets of home styling in his first book ‘A Place Called Home’ and will very shortly release his latest styling adventures with ‘Holiday at Home’. Both books are a comprehensive visual guide to living and celebrating the joy of our homes and treasures. Taking his reader from mood boards to finished projects dotted with practical tips and tricks, he also includes a comprehensive black book of his favourite shops and suppliers.

It makes sense then, that his favourite chair is the one featured on the front of his first book; the Ercol Loveseat with colour graduation in the beautiful hue of ‘Mandarin’. This classic 1950’s loveseat is made to share and it speaks of the generosity of Jason’s hospitality and his sociability. It is his work chair, his dining chair and a chair he loves to share. A timeless piece, the Ercol Loveseat was originally designed by Lucien Ercolani, a legend whose ergonomically elegant furniture is an asset to any interior it may grace. The classically English silhouette has been beautifully rendered with contemporary boldness of colour. It is a treasured piece and a chair to share.

Tell us about you chair? What is its story? Please draw it for us.
It’s the Ercol Loveseat available in Australia from Temperature Design and its also the chair on the cover of my first book ‘A Place Called Home’ – so it’s a special chair and a special souvenir. I use it as my work chair when working from home. I love this chair.

Proudest moment in your career?
Working with Hardie Grant and Rizolli on 2 books and fingers crossed several more, finding my own style and being allowed to showcase this in books is beyond awesome.

The power of social media is…
Connectivity and sharing. Recently whilst on holidays in Palm Springs I connected with a fan of my book all thanks to Instagram. Lucky we were both staying at the same hotel. I guess to me I like to be open to the possibility of things happening. Instagram is a tool for this. I like to be positive in life online and in real life.

Bondi or Beverly Hills? Why?
Fingers crossed a little bit more of both with the big apple thrown in too. Bondi is now my base but I want to spend much more time in the USA. I do realise now that life is pretty good in Bondi but it’s good to think of the big picture.

To me Bondi is…
The beach. It’s Home, it’s relaxed, urban but still close to nature. It’s one of the best places in the world.

Ultimate and most prized possession – that you own or that you would like to own
A home in the Hollywood Hills – I like to dream big.

Describe your ideal lazy Sunday
A sleep in, take away coffees, a walk along the beach, Sunday markets, brunch at a local cafe and afternoon swim at Icebergs then fresh prawns for dinner followed by icecream all of course with my other half and hopefully soon a four-legged friend.

Tell us a secret about styling
Less is more – there is too much over-styling.

If you could holiday for a year straight where would you go?
LA – Palm Springs – Mexico – New York repeat repeat repeat

What I know about people and their homes is…
Home is what you make of it.

With an inspiring trip to the USA just under his belt and the launch of his new book, we’re looking forward to Mr Jason Grant’s latest and greatest adventures.

The Ercol Loveseat is available at Temperature Design.

Credits: Photography by Ben Pyke

0 responses to “CHAT IN A CHAIR: MR JASON GRANT”

  1. Beryl says:

    JG is amazing! Such a great eye for detail and colour. He makes the simplest things still look warm and homey.

  2. […] click here to read all about my favourite chair ( yes no surprise really right!) and their very kind words. […]

  3. linda says:

    I’ve loved the Ercol love seat forever and fall for it without fail every time I see it. The navy colour has been my favourite, but this orange is so right in so many ways. Or is it because Mr Jason Grant is the perfect accessory to it in sunny bondi?! Colour love..

  4. Lou masters says:

    I love this chair and it’s beautiful ombré nature x

  5. Dayle Teske says:

    Making orange hues moody, thanks JG! Love hearing designers insights too so thanks a@p x

  6. rebecca says:

    I adore this favourite chair of the ever amazing Mr Jason Grant. SO timeless. Popping over to Temperature Design now to do some browsing!

  7. Mary says:

    What a big heart! True wisdom. People make places.

  8. Kate Stratton says:

    Love the Ercol love seat!


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