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January 21, 2013







We could not have been happier to see the beautiful yellow Thonet Le Corbusier chair go to such a deserving winner – the humble, talented and just all-round lovely Fi Richardson! Here is what Fi has to say about the ride that was the Chat in a Chair Insta-challenge:

“I am completely thrilled to win the chat in a chair competition. Above all, it has given me a big boost of confidence – to keep styling and dip my toe in the water with regards to a little styling and objects business. Watch this space! Thanks to the chat in a chair competition, I also have Instagram followers (no joke, I had three when I entered chat in a chair) and what a supportive, lovely bunch of people they are.

I actually spent quite a lot of time preparing for each day’s challenge. Once I had selected the chair (these were all my chairs – bought mostly at auction houses), I would then move it round the house looking for a good position and finding possible props. For me styling is a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle – finding the right pieces and trying them so it all fits together, and looks balanced. Of course, so often you find what you think is the perfect piece but you just can’t make it work and so it’s back to the drawing board! Ironically, the easiest day for me was the ‘sunshine chair’ – Alfie stayed still just long enough for me to take the photo and it was done. This turned out to be such popular pic. Something I try to do when I style (and something Megan Morton does so incredibly well) is to make things appear as natural and ‘incidental’ as possible. Funnily enough this can take up a lot of time and I for the treasured chair I threw that teddy in the air a dozen times until I was satisfied it looked as though a child had just casually left it there!

So I absolutely love my new ‘Fluffy Duckling’ bentwood chair. She really adds some zest and life to the place – but she manages to stay still for the photos, unlike the boys! Thanks so much for the opportunity and I am still bowled over that you chose me as the winner amongst all the other talented chat in a chair participants.”

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Credits: Words, images and styling by Fi Richardson (instagram username @fi_richardson)

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