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February 11, 2013







There is something so fresh and enduring about navy. All things blue-hued and its many motifs have well stood the test of time and remain catchers-of-the-eye. People get hooked on blue and white. Who can resist a blue and white striped boat-neck shirt? Or a cake of soap bearing a white anchor on navy background? Or the oh so collectable blue and white willow pattern china? Or the organic patterns of twisted shibori tie-dye? And the whimsical retro stylings of Arabia pottery from Finland?! These are all things that people go a just a little bit nuts for- in a good way.

There is an inherent ‘freshness’ to the colour navy, so we use it to add depth & richness to an interior, without the heaviness and finality of black. Natural materials such as timber, leather, marble and linen are complemented by navy in all of its tones.

Blue, my friends, is very much here. Has been all along, and not going anywhere anytime soon.

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