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Nathan Hawkes, Daytime Shame

By Thea Kiel
October 17, 2018

The tone of Nathan Hawkes’ work is receptive, contemplative and playful. Expressed in form and colour for his latest exhibition, Daytime Shame, the collection shifts focus from an obvious subject matter, instead inviting us to observe Hawkes’ deep commitment to the exercise of drawing. The viewer experiences the works entirely on their own terms, freed from any pre-conceived notions.

In/Out:Nathan Hawkes

Aesthetically, Hawkes’ displays his own sense of uncertainty and doubt. Materials used are of the bare minimum; paper, pastels and graphite. Together they showcase an interdependency between the forms and colours. Layer upon layer, forming a fabric of foreground and background noise where pigments are smudged, marks are erased, and paper is scarred.

In/Out:Nathan Hawkes

As our gaze travels we often land upon what we believe to be a certain distinguishable form; leaves or blades of grass. Keen to categorise what we see, it turns out to be informal patterns and shapes – perceptions are challenged.

In/Out:Nathan Hawkes

Daytime Shame does not come with a particular intention, but exists rather as an embodiment of carefully crafted sketchings in a palette of rich clotted reds and forest greens. It leaves us feeling enriched but at times, bewildered. An opportunity to embrace uncertainty.

Daytime Shame, by Nathan Hawkes

Chalk Horse Gallery

18th October – 10th November

301A, Level 3, 77-83 William Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney 2010
Ph (02) 8668 5736

Artwork credits in order:

  1. Together they said ‘milk and bread’, 2018

  2. Rockley Firs (proclaiming the lateness), 2018

  3. There will come soft rains, 2018

  4. The Swallow and the other birds , 2018

  5. With closed eyes, 2018

  6. Alas, the summer’s energy wanes quickly, 2018

  7. Daytime shame (pastorale), 2018

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