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Chat in a Chair: Laura Jones

By In/Out
March 4, 2013

We might be biased, and we might just have snapped up a couple of her paintings already – but it would be fraudulent of us not to rave about Laura Jones just a little. To celebrate the opening of her exhibition ‘With Flowers’ at the Maunsell Wickes Gallery in Paddington (1 – 14th March 2013), we had to have Laura in for a bit of Chat in a Chair time.

Laura is the whole package – her paintings have that quality that makes your eyes not know where to rest. Her relationship with colour is enviable and her palettes magical. Laura knows a things or two about flowers – and this shows not only in the way that she paints them, but also in the way that she selects her subjects. Her studio space is almost as beautiful as her art – and as a person, they don’t come any nicer. The best part of our Chat in a Chair series is getting up close and personal with the talented subjects that we feature, and seeing them in their own creative spaces. Our photographer would have shot every square inch of this space, had she been given the chance! It was that good.

While the focus of Laura’s ‘With Flowers’ exhibition is obviously floral, she also has a weighty back catalogue of beautiful portraits and still life. Flowers were chosen, says Laura, as she was inspired by the beauty and the colour of the flowers and wanted to bring that to her viewers through her work. She has inspired us all.

What you might not know is that Laura also designed some fabrics for Edit. Her chair today is covered in one of her favourite fabrics, also from Edit! As a thank you from Edit, they gifted her a dress made from the same fabric – in case you were wondering.



















Credits: All images by Luisa Brimble

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