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This & That: NOAH TAYLOR

By In/Out
February 13, 2013













Noah Taylor is a name you likely know well. Most likely you know him for his acting talents in movies such as The Year My Voice Broke, Shine, and Almost Famous to name just a sample. Not short of talent, he is also a keen musician. But what we are so struck by is his work as an artist.

Having painted for pleasure since his teens, Noah has only been exhibiting his work for the last 5 years – primarily in the UK. His works are largely ink or mixed media on paper, and have a haunted and somewhat bleak quality. Stating that he does not overanalyze his own subjects – they remain ambiguous so that the viewer may “read into it whatever they like”. The art is abundantly raw, exposed and frank.

And for this reason, we wanted to marry up the tone of Noah the artist, with the striking lighting designs of Jason Miller, Lindsay Adelman and Michael Anastassiades. All three designers can tout a talent with light, and their works show a respect for strong lines, metals and glass. Mostly these lights are stark, and unadorned. They do not hide behind bells and whistles. They are strong, yet vulnerable and exposed – echoing the same qualities as Noah Taylor’s works.

Noah Taylor’s exhibition runs until 17th February at Tim Olsen Gallery.

Credits: 1. Artwork by Noah Taylor, Tim Olsen Gallery   2. Lighting by Jason Miller, Lindsay Adelman and Michael Anastassiades.



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