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PALETTE: Clay & Earth

May 1, 2015

In/out: PALETTE: Clay & Earth

In/out: PALETTE: Clay & Earth

In/out: PALETTE: Clay & Earth

In/out: PALETTE: Clay & Earth

Deep in the soul, bound in history, rich in nutrients is Clay & Earth. Irresistibly tactile, this Palette has a hearty earthiness and a patina that benefits from warm hands, the fiery heart of a kiln, the bleaching of sun and the test of time. Sandy whites, tan, ochre, terracotta, rust, charcoal and dirty greens of wholesome goodness, these are sacred materials borrowed from the core to remind us of our mortality.

Shaped into robust, hearty, sincere objects with muted surfaces smooth to the touch, or powdery soft under fingertips. These items, aged and worn have their own heartbeat, when introduced they immediately alter the ambiance of a room.

They are what we naturally gravitate towards; they balance the built and the synthetic with their texture and depth of hue. Comforting in the impermanence of all, they will one day return from the very clay and earth from whence they came.

1. Flickr: Tiagø Ribeiro
Enrique Palacio via Architectural Digest Nic Lehoux via Architectural Digest Archiproducts source unknown Architectural Digest
2. Folk About Bungalow Classic Indré The Tribeca Penthouse source unknown Apparatus
3. Desire to Inspire Faith Interior Oliver Gustav Studio Tiziana Tosoni Australian Traveller
4. Somewhere I Would like to Live source unknown Chevrenoir Bjøkheim Norm Photography


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